The Eligotech Harpoon Features

Data Discovery

Search Based Data Discovery

All the data in Hadoop can be indexed making it easy to search for data with specific values across all data sets. This helps to assess the quality of data and to identify anomalies across multiple data sets.

SQL-query Engine

Eligotech Harpoon integrates with fast SQL engines running on top of HDFS like Impala and Hive/Tez. Harpoon can automatically publish data sets to those SQL engines. Through the JDBC/ODBC interfaces provided by those engines the data sets can be also shared with external BI tools.

Chart-based Data Discovery

Eligotech Harpoon can generate charts and visual representations of data from huge datasets byexploiting the full power of Hadoop.

Query Builder

A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows users to compose queries graphically that are automatically translated into map/reduce jobs.

Statistical Analysis

The user can extract important statistics on the data sets with ease like max, min, average, count and data type in order to understand the quality and value of the data.


A very fast previewer ensures quick and responsive exploration of the data sets.

Data Integration

Data Import

Eligotech Harpoon offers a simple way to import data from any RDBMS and from any delimiter separated file. Harpoon offers broad support for structured and unstructured formats through the SDK.

Data Publication & Export

Eligotech Harpoon contains an automatic system for publishing/unpublishing data sets to fast SQL engines. At the click of a mouse, it can publish to platforms like Impala/Hive/Tez or even external RDBMS like ORACLE. It can also carry out data conversions if there are incompatibilities between the Harpoon data and the target platform.

Rest APIs

All the functionalities of Eligotech Harpoon are exposed through REST APIs, making it possible to import, index, query and get results back, as well as publish/unpublish to the SQL engines. For example, using the APIs it is possible to automatically import a huge data set, reduce its size using map/reduce jobs and to publish the result set to Impala to be analyzed by an external BI tool.

The REST API’s provide a way for organisations to integrate the Eligotech Harpoon platform into their data driven applications. Letting them also to expose such APIs to external organisations.

Eligotech Harpoon Security

Eligotech Harpoon builds on Hadoop authentication and authorization, offering a flexible way of controlling and managing the access to Data and Operations, also fully integrated with LDAP en Active Directory providing organisations and users an easy way of managing their credentials. All traffic between the end user’s browser and de Eligotech Harpoon application server is secure, based on HTTPS.


Access to data is managed on a user and group level. The owner of data is able to share it with other users and/or groups and grant them read and/or write access. With read access to a dataset a user can execute an operation that read that data and create a new ones, which belong to this user. In the case of read/write access a user can append and delete data.


Depending on the role a user has in his organisation, they might want to be restricted to execute certain operations on the data.

Eligotech Harpoon can grant different permissions to each users or groups also at operation level, depending, for example, on the role that such user has in her company. In Eligotech Harpoon users have a certain role and a role define if a user can execute certain operations.

E.g. importing data might be a permission for a restricted group of users, managing security is for the Operations team and enabling Search-based Data Discovery might belong to the Data Scientist group.

Extending Eligotech Harpoon

Eligotech Harpoon is a platform that can be easily integrated in a technologically complex ecosystem and can be used as a solid base for completing successful projects drastically reducing the time to solution.

Eligotech Harpoon Plugins

A key feature of the Eligotech Harpoon platform is the possibility to add new functionalities by the creation of specific plugins. Plugin’s are software components, which can be developed in Pig , Java or Scala. These components can be made available to all or some users to be executed.

Examples of plugins can be:

  • an automated export to a database
  • a machine learning algorithm for customer profiling
  • complex queries that are not possible through the user interface
  • advance analysis algorithms
  • complex ETL operations

For the creation of such plugins, Eligotech provides an SDK with its documentation (Link).
Another way of extending (embedding) the Eligotech Harpoon platform is through it’s REST API’s.

  • trance

  • techno

  • synth-pop

  • soundtrack

  • smooth-jazz

  • rock

  • rap

  • r-b

  • psychedelic

  • pop-rock

  • pop

  • new-age

  • musicians

  • metal

  • melodic-metal

  • lounge

  • jazz-funk

  • jazz

  • index.php

  • house

  • hip-hop

  • heavy-metal

  • hard-rock

  • get.php

  • electronic

  • dubstep

  • drumbass

  • downtempo

  • disco

  • country

  • clubdance

  • classical

  • chillout

  • chanson

  • breakbeat

  • blues

  • ambient

  • alternative-rock