Eligotech Harpoon


Eligotech Harpoon enables you to ‘spear’ precisely the data you need amid the ocean of data stored in Hadoop-whether it is structured or unstructured data, historical or real-time.

Eligotech Harpoon’s intuitive interface solves the challenge of using Hadoop, eliminating the need to be an expert–anyone can prepare and discover data and apply it to the business.

Eligotech Harpoon also offers you an open and extensible platform that makes it possible to easily integrate all kinds of new and existing services, ranging from specific import/export functions to specialised algorithms (machine-learning) for fraud, customer profiling or churn management.

In short, Eligotech Harpoon enables enterprises to use all the data to which they have access and gain insights quickly that give them competitive advantage, but also allowing the extension of the platform to stay competitive now and in the future.

Three steps to value

your data

Data can be stored in many different sources and formats. To make it easily accessible, you need to import data,  secure data and define a common structure so that data can be combined and analyzed.

  • Import data from many different data source
  • Virtualize and organize huge volumes of internal, external, structured and unstructured data in a common structure
  • Ensure data- and functionality-access is granted to the right people.

the value

With Big Data it is essential to assess data in order to extract only the data that can provide real value. Data discovery is the mandatory step required to do this, by being able to access and manipulate all available data.

  • Quickly discover (search, drill down, query, chart) data with a simple and powerful user interface
  • Provide data-aware users (analysts, marketers, financiers, etc..) with a simple and easy way of joining any kind of data from any kind of data source
  • Enrich data discovery capabilities through the integration of user defined algorithms.

to your business

Eligotech Harpoon can manage the entire lifecycle of data preparation, data discovery and applying to your business, by integrating with your existing BI tools, your data warehouses and business applications.

  • Publish and export results in a broad variety of formats
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of data preparation, discovery and publishing using industry standards
  • Integrate the results of data discovery with business processes and applications.



Harpoon uses only standard Hadoop APIs, therefore the platform is extendible with any sort of specialized algorithms to satisfy the needs of our customers. We can help you with that!


Authentication, authorization and auditing with LDAP and Active Directory. Role-based access control to the data and functionalities. Harpoon makes Hadoop secure, ensuring that users have full control of data access and can protect sensitive information.

Easy to integrate

Any user can take advantage of the REST APIs of the platform to integrate Harpoon with their own tools. Orchestrating the API with a workflow management tool or using the ODBC/JDBC API to gather crunched data is a piece of cake.


Harpoon runs on standard commodity hardware, it’s easy to install and scales horizontally as Hadoop does. In this way, it can be adapted to the growing amount of data your company is generating.


Data Import

Eligotech Harpoon offers an intuitive user interface that runs on any HTML5 compliant browser. Users can perform Data Discovery by using simple drag-and-drop functionality and visualizations.

Query builder

A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows users to compose queries graphically that are automatically translated into map/reduce jobs.

Data publication

Eligotech Harpoon contains an automatic system for publishing/unpublishing data sets to fast SQL engines. At the click of a mouse, it can publish to platforms like Impala/Hive/Tez or even external RDBMS like ORACLE. It can also carry out data conversions if there are incompatibilities between the Harpoon data and the target platform.

Search based discovery

All the data in Hadoop can be indexed making it easy to search for data with specific values across all data sets. This helps to assess the quality of data and to identify anomalies across multiple data sets.

Chart based discovery

Eligotech Harpoon can generate charts and visual representations of data from huge datasets by exploiting the full power of Hadoop.

Plugin interface

Eligotech Harpoon makes it possible to upload user defined jobs, either native or PIG-based. Once the jobs are uploaded, they can be triggered by using the user interface or through a REST API.

High Level Architecture

Harpoon’s architectural philosophy 

Hadoop evolved into a complex collection of very powerful tools and platforms. Collectively, they provide unparalleled storage and processing capabilities. The independent evolution of these platforms leads to compatibility issues that make difficult to operate on the same data using different processing platforms.

Eligotech Harpoon provides a common way of storing data that can be accessed seamlessly from any Hadoop processing platform (MapReduce, Spark, Impala/Hive) and it offers an high level interface (REST based) that models any possible manipulation task the user can perform on top of the data.

The Eligotech Harpoon engine translates the high level description of data manipulation into the proper instructions for the target processing platform.


Batch layer

Contains all the technologies for analysing massive amount of data using  batch oriented approach, here the king is the Map/Reduce platform provided by Hadoop.

Search Layer

It is not actually part of the Lambda Architecture, but in Harpoon, this is the layer responsible for data indexing and it provides the fundamental search based data discovery feature.

Serving Layer

It is meant to provide a quick data access (near-realtime query access) to multiple concurrent users/applications.

The idea behind this logical organisation is the fact that most of the organisations use Hadoop for inexpensively collecting huge amount of data, performing some data set reduction by using map/reduce and publishing the results to some low latency query platform for consumption by a broader audience.

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