• Rock stars developer with experience in Big Data technologies and advanced scalable programming
  • 25 year experience in distributed computing
  • Worldwide acknowledged guru in advanced programming technologies
  • Books authors
  • Worldwide followed blogger
  • International Enterprise and startup experienced

Michele Di Gangi


CEO & co-Founder
Product and Process Manager

M. Sc. In Computer science engineer with 10 years of experience in big enterprises such as Motorola and TomTom as Engineer and Development and Process Manager. Expert in creating innovative products and services.

More information about him here.

David Greco


CTO & co-Founder
Hadoop and Parallel & Distributed computing specialist

Software Architect with 25+ years of experience in multinational enterprises such as TomTom, Progress, IONA, Bea System and co-founder of Smarten Software, startup sold to Datamat for about 50M Euro.

More information about him here.

Dara Dowd

Front End – HTML5 Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering at University College Dublin, Ireland

Dara has been developing software for the past ten years for companies in Japan and the Netherlands. Having started off as a general web developer, he has focussed on the front end in recent years. He still hopes to one day score the winning goal for Ireland in a World Cup Final.

More information about him here.

Glyton Camilleri

Scala Engineer & Hadoop Expert
Bachelor of Engineering at University of Malta

After having obtained a University degree in Electrical Engineering and specializing in signal analysis and artificial intelligence, he decided to make a turn in his career by taking up Software Development. He started by adding a couple of years experience working on large scale eCommerce systems, moving on to custom service-oriented architectures, before finally starting professional work on the BigData industry.
Still in love with mathematics, data analysis and machine learning, he has come to be passionate about Functional Programming, Category Theory, Scala and BigData systems.

More information about him here.

Giovanni Ruggiero

Scala Engineer& Hadoop Expert
Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Giovanni has worked for 17 years in IT in many fields ranging from civil structural analysis (where he holds a degree) to BigData, through sales force automation, financial, GIS, intelligence and several others.
In parallel his bullets started with structured programming and have grown with OOP and functional programming. This love started with LISP and Scheme but now his soul is sold to static typing thanks to Scala and Haskell.
Father of two, in a previous life he was a bridge player but his hopes to get back in touch with that world are not dead.

More information about him here.

Luca Ceppelli

Mobile – HTML5 Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

Luca is electronic engineer with the passion for technology. His career as developer began 12 years ago with Corba and then he landed in the J2EE world. When the Web Services invaded the world, 6 years ago, he decided it was the right time to change direction and he has been focused on client-side development. At the moment his “kung fu” includes Rich Web Based and iOS Native Applications.

More information about him here.

Riccardo Vincelli

Scala Engineer
MSc at Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca

Riccardo is a Scala backend developer hailing from sunny Italy, unfailing source of witty punchlines in the team. As a computer science MSc he used to enjoy logic (especially calculus systems) and image processing (NPR), now focused on improving his Scala skills without forgetting about the Java tradition and always trying to apply Reactive programming teachings. He used to be a glorious football player, a swift left wingback boasting a 6-months stint in the youth teams at FC Internazionale as a toddler.

More information about him here.

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