The eventsourced library developed by Martin Krasser for Eligotech has grown into a full-fledged and robust solution for Actor persistence, offering support for reliable command– and event-sourcing, configurable message delivery guarantees, state snapshots and recovery. We are excited to announce that Martin is working with the Akka team in order…

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After fighting with all the craziness of Hadoop dependencies, sbt configuration, I managed to put together an sbt project that shows how to use Scalatest for testing map/reduce jobs and pig scripts inside an Hadoop minicluster. Hadoop provides a pretty good support for developing integration tests or at least tests that…

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scala-redis is getting a new non blocking version based on a kernel implemented with the new Akka IO. The result is that all APIs are non blocking and return a Future. We are trying to keep the API as close to the blocking version as possible. But bits…

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At my company we are developing an Hadoop based product, we use Scala extensively in combination with Akka, Play and our great open source contribution Eventsourced. We are very happy with this choice and everything is going pretty smoothly. We try as much as we can…

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I tweeted this over the weekend .. a good title for a possible blog post .. endo is the new fluent API .. — Debasish Ghosh (@debasishg) June 1, 2013 My last two blog posts have been about endomorphisms and how it combines with the…

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When we design a domain model, one of the issues that we care about is abstraction of implementation from the user level API. Besides making the published contract simple, this also decouples the implementation and allows post facto optimization to be done without any impact…

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