As part of the Eligotech Harpoon v2.5 release we have introduced the concept of plugins. Plugins allow you to extend the Eligotech Harpoon platform with any kind of functionality that you require for making your Big Data project a success. Our customers are using plugins...
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  Security in Hadoop is really a complex matter; it involves all the moving parts composing the Hadoop eco-system, like HDFS, Impala, etc.   Eligotech Harpoon’s philosophy is to avoid any proprietary mechanisms that would introduce vendor lock-in. For that reason, securing the data in…

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Elasticsearch is a great piece of software, it’s a distributed and fault tolerant indexing engine based on Lucene. It’s based on a very simple peer to peer technology, you just run an Elasticsearch instance on each node belonging to your cluster and voilà you have your powerful...
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After fighting with all the craziness of Hadoop dependencies, sbt configuration, I managed to put together an sbt project that shows how to use Scalatest for testing map/reduce jobs and pig scripts inside an Hadoop minicluster. Hadoop provides a pretty good support for developing integration tests or at least tests that…

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At my company we are developing an Hadoop based product, we use Scala extensively in combination with Akka, Play and our great open source contribution Eventsourced. We are very happy with this choice and everything is going pretty smoothly. We try as much as we can…

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Often we need to have a local Hadoop environment available on our machines for testing our projects/products. I found Vagrant an extremely valuable tool for setting up development environments. So, I decided to spent some time to put together a Vagrant configuration file capable to create a…

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An important feature of Hadoop is the fact that the Map/Reduce engine has been designed to read and write from any data source. The Hadoop’s Map/Reduce framework provides two specific interfaces InputFormat and OutputFormat with various implementations allowing reading/writing data from/to HDFS, HBase, any RDBMS, MongoDB, Cassandra, and…

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