10 Jul / Announcing Eligotech Harpoon v2.5

For Eligotech Harpoon version 2.5 our main focus has been security. Security on the data-level, but also on the operations-level, including integration with LDAP and Active Directory. Next to security we have added the concept of plugins and extended the charting capabilities.

Authorization on data

In version 2.5 we have added data access authorization on databases, tables, job results. Implementing a Role-based access control on data on Hadoop, Eligotech Harpoon introduce the concept of ownership to the creator of the data, and let him/her share it with an users and/or groups.


Authorization on operations


In addition to the data authorization, we also added operation authorization. This allows the administration to grant certain users access to certain operations by assigning them a role. E.g. providing import functionality to a small group of users or allowing the uploading of plugins to just the operations team.
This authorization can be done on a user- and role-level, based on roles and permissions.


Eligotech Harpoon includes now a plugin framework, that makes writing custom plugins for import, export, analytical functions, advanced ATL, machine learning and visualisations possible for any specific requirement. Integrating existing functions based on MapReduce or Apache Pig is a minimal integration effort and developers can go much further by integrating functions from any Java compatible libraries, like Apache Mahout.


LDAP authentication

Harpoon v2.5 provides LDAP / Active Directory (AD) authentication as one option for identifying and managing users and groups. Administrators can configure Harpoon to use their existing LDAP or Active Directory system as the system of record for centralized management of user identity and credentials. Users can authenticate into Harpoon using familiar credentials, which are checked against LDAP/AD on every login.

Adding Scatter Charts

Next to the previous support for multi-dimensional line, bar and pie charts, now Eligotech Harpoon provide also the possibility to generate scatter charts on 4 dimensions, providing data analysts  a new powerful to for data visual discovery, no matter how big the data size is, leveraging on the power of Apache Hadoop.


Coming soon…

In the next release Eligotech Harpoon will be adding visual lineage, visual drill-down and more on the security front. As requested by many of our customers, also the scheduling of jobs will be added.

By Michele Di Gangi in News
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