18 Jan / Another year of hard work

Almost another year has passed since the blog post I wrote last year in March. For me it’s again time to summarise what we did in the past twelve months.

Last year in March we still were a project development company, we didn’t yet switched to be a pure product development company. We were engaged in the development of multiple projects at the same time using a common set of technologies. We completed those projects very successfully and now they are independent initiatives living by their own:

  • Joinest it’s a very nice application, integrated with Facebook, for planning meetings with your friends, sharing agendas, joining meet-ups, etc.  Please have a look at its site and give it a try. It’s pretty cool!
    • Technically we used all the technological stack we are comfortable with, Scala, Akka, Play, and it has been the first project where we used Eventsourced for managing the application’s state. The Joinest’s architecture is pretty simple, the iOS app (yes, we are also able to develop nice iOS based applications) talks with a Play based backend through a set of REST APIs. Thanks to the combination of Akka, Eventsourced and Play we are able to manage thousands users with just a single server, the beauty of the in-memory computing model 😉
  • U-Start : It’s an online platform meant to be a meeting room for international investors and local entrepreneurs. We developed the U-Start platform with Scala, Play and a lot of very well crafted Javascript code.
  • Eventsourced/Akka-Persistence: We kept sponsoring the amazing work Martin was doing with Eventsourced, we used that library internally helping Martin in better shaping and cleaning the APIs. Eventsourced quickly matured to the extent that the Typesafe’s team decided to use it as the event-sourcing component they were planning to develop by themselves. As a result of that decision we became partner of Typesafe and they sponsored the port of Eventsourced into the Akka stack which eventually became akka-persistence. Now Martin is continuing this work together with the Typesafe’s team for improving and extending the akka-persistence event-sourcing library, thanks again Martin!
  • Harpoon: In the past blog post it was called HNavigator, this is our flagship BigData product. We decided to rename it for avoiding confusion with another product part of the Cloudera’s offer. More or less six months ago we decided to bet everything on this project and after handing over all the other completed projects we switched Eligotech to be a product development company. Now our goal is to develop and sell Harpoon. You can find some information about the product on our site and in a coming blog plot I’ll present Harpoon from a more technical perspective.

Looking back to the past twelve months I think we did again an impressive amount of work, but even if it has been hard sometime we always had a lot of fun which is a fundamental aspect of modern software development.

By David Greco in News
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